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Flirty Free Fonts for Valentine’s Day

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. – Lao Tzu


The Romans did many things well. They built straight roads, they built aqueducts to deliver clean water to their citizens, and they built structures like the Coliseum that have stood the test of centuries. But one of their greatest skills was their ability to borrow Greek mythology and morph it into their own set of gods.

That capricious little side-kick of Saint Valentine, our cherubic Cupid, was borrowed from the Greek god Eros, the god of love. It seems he was rather wily in the Greek world as well – shooting golden arrows to spark passion and leaden arrows to inspire revulsion. What a way to exact revenge. I’ll make you fall in love with her, and then make her find you revolting.

But enough intrigue. This is the season for love. We hope that you find both strength and courage in your relationships and that you might ignite a little flame with these flirty free fonts. Curated by our lovely director of marketing, Dolfin Leung-Melville.

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