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The Designing North Project

If you look closely, there is a question on each and every one of our business cards here at Designing North Studios. It is quite faint; but it’s a question for you.

Are you one of those people that adds that tiny bit of extra to whatever you do? You know, the kind that curls the bow tips on your already beautifully wrapped package; adds that powerful chart to the client report even though it wasn’t really required; doesn’t mind waiting the extra 15 seconds to hold the door for someone you even don’t know; puts the shopping cart back in it’s correct spot versus hitching it to the nearest curb — thoughtful, mindful, convinced that it’s life’s details that make all the difference? If you are, then you’re likely to be discovered for The Designing North Project.

We’re conducting a little side gig over here that really makes us smile.  We are on a mission to find, celebrate, and perhaps even collaborate, with those who are *designing north* in their everyday lives.  As a group of strategic designers and creative thinkers, adding that little bit of extra, just north of good work, is what Designing North Studios is all about.  As we all started working together, revealing the same set of values, same mindset, we knew we weren’t alone. Many people in this world “add a little extra” to whatever they do: their career, how they live, the relationships they nurture, even how they wrap a gift — and we consider that *designing north* — designing your life and living it just north of the average bell curve. When people do this, it adds happiness, success, peace, and love to the global experience– and that’s the biggest UX of all!  Imagine if everyone lived that way.  And so we wondered.

That’s when we decided to start the side gig (vs. the client gig) and we call it: The Designing North Project. Cause we want to know who else is living the mindset, spreading the good work, giving a little extra – we want the global count. We can’t really do it alone though, so now that we have some momentum – and few folks to share with you – we’re hoping you’ll share too.  If you, or someone you know is Designing North, drop us a line with a photo and a story that starts with: I am, She is, He is, We are, They are…  and help us spread the word; continue the global count.  We think there’s more of us than we could have ever imagined.

We are Designing North.  Are you?


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